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Me sinto honrado por ter a chance to estampar a capa do GWToday, o jornal da maior e mais renomada universidade de Washington DC. O artigo escrito pelo jornalista Menachem Wecker explica um pouco do potencial sobre sobre a diversidade, colaboracao entre artistas com diferente 'backgound." Aqui segue a versao em Ingles das observacaoes da minha tese para o Bacharel. A exposicao NEXT na Corcoran Gallery of Art estara aberta ao publico ate o dia 15 de Maio. Entrada gratuita.

"When visitors enter the building, they’re likely to first encounter Johab Silva’s “On the further side of,” a mixed-media installation that reflects the artist’s upbringing in Brazil. Although Mr. Silva has many distinct memories of the sounds, smells and tastes of the poor community he grew up in, which he calls “magical,” he sees the installation as a vehicle for figuring out why he grew up as he did. In a posted artist’s statement, he refers to “refabricating one’s memories.”
To complete his project, which Mr. Silva said took four months to conceive and construct, he logged onto Craigslist to find homeowners willing to share free dirt with him, and he rented a UHaul truck to drive to two homes in Virginia to retrieve the dirt; it was a priority for him to get to know the dirt donors. After lugging 30 bags of dirt to the Corcoran, where he strained them to make sure there was consistent color. That dirt forms the basis of the installation, which sits inside what resembles a large sandbox, made of plastic and wood.
“I ended up inviting those people to come see their dirt,” Mr. Silva said, noting that dirt to him evokes African and South American streets, where shoeless kids play soccer.
Throughout the rest of the installation, Mr. Silva built things that reflect his childhood, from toys (the first time he’s ever built his own toys, which he played with before installing) to a gate (which he welded) and a tower of cement blocks (he added broken glass at the top, echoing the barbed-wire substitute he grew up seeing).

“Everything is from scratch,” he said."

O artigo completo voce pode ler aqui

NEXT 2016

Corcoran School of the Arts and Design 
cordially invites you to celebrate the

NEXT Corcoran Thesis Exhibition
April 6 - May 15

Corcoran School of the Arts and Design
The George Washington University
500 Seventeenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Inline image 1 

Johab Silva
on the further side of (detail)
Mixed Media Installation
13ft x13ft x19ft

For more information about NEXT, please visit
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

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What a show!! Just a little disappointed by Duchamp's works. 

Fantastic exhibit by Rebecca Kamen at Reston Art Center. I was lucky in having a chance of having her as my professor a few ears ago. I got a chance to see this show on the last day. It was also my first time seeing her work closer.